Scientific meetings

Other than International Symposia

List of other scientific meetings from 1971 to the present day

November 1971: First Scientific Meeting of the Society. Royal Society of Arts, London.

February 1972: Role of Higher Organisms in Biodeterioration, Aston University.

June 1972: Summer Scientific Meeting, UMIST, Manchester

September 1972: Biodeterioration Caused by Fungi (with the BMS), British Museum.

November 1972: Post-Harvest Deterioration (with SCI), SCI, London

December 1972: Techniques in Biodeterioration, Hatfield Polytechnic

February 1973: Biodeterioration of Non-Food Products of Animal Origin, Imperial College, London

June 1973: Biodeterioration, Portsmouth Polytechnic

November 1973: Control of Biodeterioration by Physical Means, Royal Commonwealth Society, London

March 1974: Biodegradation of Town Refuse and Farm Wastes, Aston University

July 1974: Extracellular Enzymes in Biodeterioration, University of Bath

November 1974: Biodeterioration at Extremes of Temperature- Thermophiles and Psychrophiles, Imperial College, London

February 1975: Fungal Decay in Boats, Royal Commonwealth Society.  

April 1975: Mechanisms of Biocidal and Biostatic Activity (with the Industrial Group of the Biochemical Society), Aberystwyth

July 1975: Biodeterioration Problems in Agriculture, University of Reading

November 1975: Cargo Biodeterioration Problems, University of Cambridge. (One aim of this meeting was to attempt to get the insurance industry involved in biodeterioration problems; this is still an ongoing task! Ed.)

March 1976: Choice of Preservatives for Control of Biodeterioration, University College, Cardiff

April 1977: Biodeterioration of Building Materials and its Prevention, SCI, London

July 1977: Biodeterioration Problems in Scotland, Edinburgh

December 1977: Recent Research in Household Pests, PICL, Slough

April 1978: Techniques in Biodeterioration Studies, Aston University

November 1978: Modern Taxonomy of Insect Pests, London (Cancelled)

January 1978: Teaching Biodeterioration (with SGM), Cardiff

April 1979: Museum Conservation (with International Institution for Conservation), Birmingham Museum

July 1979: Techniques for Biodeterioration Studies, Cardiff

December 1979: Biocides for Preservation of Materials, Hatfield Polytechnic

April 1980: Use of Cotton Strips for Measuring Cellulose Decomposition (with British Ecological Society), Birmingham

July 1980: The Biodeterioration of Polymeric Materials, Preston Polytechnic (Organiser Robert Edyvean)

December 1980: Effects of Toxic chemicals on Microbial Ecology, PRL-BRE

April 1981: Physical Methods of Microbial Control (with IP), Aston University

December 1981: Spoilage Fungi and Algae, Polytechnic of the South Bank, London

April 1982: Modern Methods for Detecting Microbial Spoilage, Long Ashton Research Station

July 1982: Timber Deterioration and its Prevention. Portsmouth Polytechnic

December 1982: Biodegradation of Waste Materials, Sheffield Polytechnic

March 1983: Fungal Physiology, Nottingham University

July 1983: Post-Harvest Decay, Cambridge University

December 1983: Packaging, Brunel University

April 1984: Developments in the study of Microbial Growth, Hatfield Polytechnic

July 1984: Microbial Corrosion of Metals, University of Kent (Organiser Chris Gaylarde)

December 1984: Challenge Testing in Fungi, CMI, Kew

April 1985: Water, Fungi and Plants (with BMS), Lancaster University

September 1985: Biodeterioration and Biodegradation of Plastics and Polymers, Cranfield Institute of Technology (Organiser Ken Seal)

March 1986: Spoilage of Cereals and other Stored Products, University of Surrey (Organiser Brian Flannigan)

September 1986: Biodeterioration of Constructional Materials, TNO, Delft, The Netherlands (Organiser Glyn Morton)

April 1987: Rapid Methods, Polytechnic of the South Bank, London

March 1988: Biofilms, Lancashire Polytechnic, Preston (Organiser Glyn Morton)

September 1988: Microbial Corrosion, Musee National d’Histoire Naturelle, Paris (Organiser Chris Gaylarde)

March 1989: Airborne Deteriogens and Pathogens and their Control, Heriot- Watt University, Edinburgh (Organiser Brian Flannigan)

July 1989: Microorganisms Employed in Biodeterioration Testing, Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

September 1989: Biocides, BAM, Berlin (Organiser Michael Pantke)

April 1990:    Extracellular Microbial Products in Biodeterioration, Nottingham University

April 1991: Biodegradation and Biodeterioration of Synthetic Polymers, Preston Crest Hotel

September 1991: Biodeterioration in Spain; Biodeterioration of Cultural Property, Madrid, Spain

April 1992: Biodeterioration and Biodegradation of Cellulosic materials, University Of Surrey, Guildford

September 1992: Spoilage of Foods and Feedstuffs, Reading University (Organiser Paul Cook)

September 1992: Biodeterioration and Conservation of Archaeological Materials, University of Portsmouth

April 1993: Preservation in Aqueous/Liquid Systems, Stratford-upon-Avon

October 1994: Biosorption and Bioremediation, Madrid, Spain

March 1995: Disinfection, Sterilisation and Preservation Problems and Practices (with SAB), University of Surrey, Guildford

April 1995:    The White-Rot Fungi (with BMS), Reading University

July 1995: Biofilms and Biodeterioration (with COPIM), Portsmouth University

October 1995: Biosorption and Bioremediation 1, Merin, Prague, Czech Republic

November 1995: The Biodeterioration Society – Past, Present and Future, Royal Hotel, Winchester

May 23-24 1996: Forum for the Biodeterioration of Materials, Landerneau, France

June 25-26 1996: ATP 96. International Symposium on Industrial Applications of Bioluminescence (with CARA Tech), Beaumont Conference Centre, Heathrow Airport

July 3-5 1996: Third Spanish International Symposium on Biodeterioration and Biodegradation, Santiago de Compostella, Spain.

December 5 1996: Environmental Consequences of Biofouling and Biofouling Control Measures, Tickled Trout Hotel, Preston

June 20 1997: Presence and Control of Pathogens in Water Systems and Cooling Towers, De Vere Harbour Hotel, Southampton

October 16-17 1997: Disinfection and Hygiene – Future Prospects, Agricultural University, Wageningen, The Netherlands (Organisers Eugene Bessems / Paul Terpstra)

June 25-26 1998: Biodegradation of Biocides, University of Central Lancashire, Preston (Organisers Glyn Morton, Malcolm Greenhalgh)

September 7-9 1998:  Biocide Efficacy Testing, The Queen’s Hotel, Chester

July 12-17 1998: Biosorption and Bioremediation 2, Prague, Czech Republic

January 11-12 1999: Risk Assessment and management of microbial Hazards Associated with Food and Water, Halifax Hall, Sheffield University

September 14-19 1999: Hygienic Surfaces and the Biodeterioration of Surfaces, University College, Chester (Organiser Steven Percival)

January 19 2000: Biodeterioration of Water Quality: Problems and Solutions (Concurrent with SAM), Society of Chemical Industry, London

May 17 2000: Biodeterioration of Constructional Materials and its Prevention (Joint with BACS), Park Royal International Hotel, Stretton, Warrington. (Cancelled due to lack of response)

October 27 2000: Biodeterioration and Biodegradation 2000, University of Surrey. (Cancelled due to lack of response)

June 10-13 2001: Biodeterioration and Materials. Biofouling and Materials 2001(Joint with GfKORR and COST 520), Dechema Building, Frankfurt, Germany (Main Organiser Wolfgang Sand)

October 18-19 2000: Hygiene and Disinfection- Future Prospects 2, University of Wageningen, The Netherlands (Organiser Eugene Bessems)

September 15–18 2003: Management and Control of Undesirable Microorganisms: Joint IBBS/IBRG meeting held at Manchester Metropolitan University. Organisers : Jo Verran, John Gillatt and Malcolm Greenhalgh.

September 13-14 2004: Living with Biofilms: Integrated Strategies. Mulheim, Germany. 

November 6-8 2006: Recent Advances in Marine Antifouling Technology (With NIOT), National Institute of Oceanography, Chennai, India.

April 23-24 2007: Biofilms and Biofouling of Interest to Industry (with IBRG), Manchester Metropolitan University (Organisers Jo Verran, John Gillatt, Malcolm Greenhalgh)

August 26-29 2007: Biodeterioration of Wood and Wood Products, Riga, Latvia. Contact Ilze Irbe.

April 6-7 2009: Economic and Social Impact of Fungal Deteriogens (with BMS), Manchester University (Organisers Geoff Robson, John Gillatt, Malcolm Greenhalgh)

September 28-29 2010: Disinfection and Decontamination, University of Central Lancashire, Preston (Organisers Glyn Morton, Malcolm Greenhalgh) 

September 10-11 2012: Antimicrobial Strategies for Biofilm Control, Winchester (Organiser Jeremy Webb)

April 23-24 2013: Second Conference on Biodeterioration of Wood and Wood Products, Tartu, Estonia. Contact Kalle Pilt

September 2-3 2013: Decontamination and Disinfection in Hospitals, Manchester University (Organisers Jimmy Walker and Malcolm Greenhalgh)

September 7-8 2015: Water Microbiology – Current and Emerging Issues in Healthcare, University of Winchester, UK

September 8-9 2016: International Conference of Biodeterioration & Protection of Cultural Heritage, Łódz, Poland (Organiser Beata Gutarowska)