Biofilm Standards

IBBS 18 Panel Discussion on the Role of Regulatory Standards in Biofilm Research & Industry Innovation

During the 18th International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation Symposium a panel session was held with leading research and industry experts to discuss industrial and academic perspectives on the importance of standard biofilm test methods.

Discussions included the need for biofilm methods in the oil and gas industry, the advantages and disadvantages of a standard test method versus best practices guidelines, and how regulatory hurdles are placing constraints on biofilm technology development and innovation. A recording of the panel session on this evolving topic is provided below.

Panel members (biographies below):

Darla Goeres (Center for Biofilm Engineering, Montana State University)

Scott Wade (Bioengineering group, Swinburne University)

Jeremy Webb (National Biofilms Innovation Centre [NBIC], University of Southampton)

Rick Eckert (Corrosion Management group at DNV)

Scott Rice (SCELSE, Nanyang Technological University)

Torben Lund-Skovhus (VIA University College, Skovhus BioConsult)

Paul Sturman (Center for Biofilm Engineering at Montana State University)

Gary Jenneman (GJ Microbial Consulting, LLC)

Susmitha Kotu (DNV)

Mark Richardson (UK National Biofilms Innovation)

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Speaker Biographies:

Darla Goeres

Dr. Darla Goeres is a Research Professor of Regulatory Science at the Center for Biofilm Engineering, Montana State University. In this position she focuses on the development & validation of methods that enable for informed decision making at the regulatory level.

Scott Wade

Scott Wade is an Associate Professor at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia. He undertakes research on a range of fundamental and applied aspects of microbial corrosion.

Jeremy Webb

Jeremy S. Webb is a Professor of Microbiology at the University of Southampton, UK and Co-Director for the National Biofilms Innovation Centre (NBIC). His research is focused on the understanding of complex microbial consortia and biofilms, their ecology, evolution and life-cycle dynamics, and how they respond to environmental stresses including antimicrobial compounds. 

Rick Eckert

Rick Eckert is Senior Principal Specialist in the Corrosion Management group at DNV in Dublin, Ohio, USA. Much of his work is focused on MIC diagnosis and mitigation in the oil and gas industry in which he has worked for over 40 years.

Scott Rice

Assoc Prof Scott Rice, The Singapore Centre for Environmental Life Sciences Engineering, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, has a research focus on microbial biofilm development and function. These studies include single and mixed species systems and one aspect of his interest is how microbial communities drive corrosion in the marine environment.

Torben Lund-Skovhus

Dr. Torben Lund Skovhus is Docent & Project Manager at VIA University College and CEO at Skovhus BioConsult in Aarhus, Denmark. He undertakes applied research on a range of aspects including:  Industrial microbiology, applied biotechnology, corrosion management, oilfield microbiology, water treatment and safety, reservoir souring, and microbial corrosion.

Paul Sturman

Paul Sturman is the Industrial Coordinator and a Research Professor at the Center for Biofilm Engineering at Montana State University. He works closely with industry on issues related to biofouling and biofilm control in manufacturing processes, as well as designing and managing industry-funded laboratory projects to assess product performance with regard to biofilms.

Gary Jenneman

Gary Jenneman is Principal Owner of GJ Microbial Consulting, LLC. He has over 34 years of experience, including 28 years with ConocoPhillips, as a petroleum microbiologist in the areas of microbial corrosion, reservoir souring, biofouling and enhanced oil recovery.

Susmitha Kotu

Susmitha Kotu is a microbiology and corrosion engineer at DNV in Dublin, Ohio, USA. She has experience with investigating biofilms grown in the laboratory from field waters for MIC diagnosis and mitigation selection and optimization.

Mark Richardson

Mark Richardson is the CEO of the UKs National Biofilms Innovation Centre which aims to harness the UKs academic and industrial strengths in biofilms and to build a biofilm network focussed on Research Innovation and training across the UK and internationally. A key need for their industrial partners is for agreed standards and methods in biofilm assessment to facilitate regulation and innovation.