Heritage Biocare 4 CD – English

The Heritage Biocare 4 CD

The Heritage Biocare 4 CD, produced by IBBS former Presidents Christine Gaylarde and Dennis Allsopp, comprises a set of 26 PowerPoint presentations on the influence of living organisms on heritage materials. All the presentations are lavishly illustrated with original photographs.  Topics include detection, prevention and control methods.  The CD is intended for private study and use in training courses for conservators, librarians and others concerned with the storage and use of cultural heritage materials and includes problems caused by microorganisms, macroorganisms and human beings.  No previous academic training in biology is assumed. Module groups are:

  • Introductory modules (5)
  • Paper and books (2)
  • Wood (3)
  • Buildings (2)
  • Constructional Materials (2)
  • Other materials (3)
  • Archaeology (1)
  • Detection and Testing (3)
  • Control (2)
  • Education (3) 

Full Contents List

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