HBC 4 CD English – Contents

Heritage Biocare – Introduction

Introduction to Biodeterioration – Definitions and Types

Macroorganisms – Animals and Plants

Microorganisms – An Introduction to Microbiology

Enzymes in Biodeterioration and Conservation

Biological Factors in Archaeology

Biodeterioration of Stone and Historic Buildings

Principles of Wood Degradation


Microorganisms and Wood

Biodeterioration of Paint Films, Paintings and Rock Art

Books and Library Materials

Case Histories in Paper Conservation

Biodeterioration of Textiles

Biodeterioration of Hard Manufactured Materials – Glass, Metals and Ceramic Building Materials

Biodeterioration of Photographic Film Archives

The Built Environment – Biodeterioration of and in Buildings

Moulds Within Buildings

Traditional Methods for Detection of Environmental Microorganisms

Modern Methods for Detection of Environmental Microorganisms

Soil Burial and High Humidity Testing of Materials

Principles of Control

Control of Biodeterioration – Chemical and Alternative Control Methods

Effects of the Public on Historic Sites and Cultural Property

Disaster Planning – HELP!

Towards a Larger World – The Relationship Between Conservators, Curators and Scientists